Risk Assessment Principles & Practice

Why You need a Risk Assessment Course

Accidents,Injury and ill health may ruin life expectations and be detrimental to your business too if productivity is lost, equipment is damaged, insurance premiums increase or you have to face litigation in court. As a responsible employer you are legally obliged to assess the risks in your workplace so that you put in place plan to control the risks.

Risk assessment training courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical sessions designed to develop the potential assessor’s ability and most importantly his/her practical awareness and confidence. Risk Assessment Courses are totally committed to providing the highest quality risk assessment training and we fine tune our Risk Assessment Course approach to equate with the needs of every delegate. Risk Assessment Course training utilises top notch instructors every one of whom has wide ranging knowledge together with a relevant occupational background.  This combination allows us to provide the ultimate Risk Assessment Courses to the UK workplace industry.

Risk Assessment is a vital first step in providing adequate protection and safety to your workers within your business environment.  Risk Assessment also ensures your compliance with existing H&S Regulations and Law.  Risk Assessment Courses outcomes enable you to focus primarily on those risks that really matter in your particular workplace – the Risks with the potential to cause harm. In some cases common sense measures can adequately control risks, for example, ensuring signage is clean, clear and well displayed so that staff/workers do not enter spaces or use equipment unaware of the physical or health risks involved.  For many Risk Assessors this means straight forward and cost effective measures to protect your most expensive and hard to replace item on your accounts namely – your workforce!

Risk Assessment law does not expect you to eliminate all risk, but you are required to protect employees as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’.  Risk Assessment Course will guide you and help you to achieve this state in your business/workplace with a minimum of bureaucracy and expense.

Risk Assessment Courses training will equip the delegate to implement a careful examination of any aspect in your work environment which may potentially cause harm to employees.  With the achievement of a Risk Assessment Course you can evaluate whether you have instigated sufficient precautions or should you do more to prevent harm. Employees and staff/visitors have an expectation that they will be protected from injury resulting from any failure to take reasonable risk reduction measures.

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